Is a gigantic twat road-blocking your fantastic ideas?
For only $9.99 we send them what you've got: marvellous fucking balls!


Making the world a better place with balls

Whether it be the protocol worshipper who’s married to his rule book, that haemorrhoid breeder who shines at fuck all or the Prince of Bureaucratia whose only answer is “Yes, but..”:
There's always a son of a eunuch lurking around, trying to stop you.

We can help: we ship balls to these sorry fuckers! That's right. Balls. Cojones. Eier.


Is this shit for real?

Yes, you twat. We invested time and money in this bloody website.

How does it work?

Click the “Donate Balls Now” button. Decide who needs a pair of glorious balls and enter their address.

How much does it cost?

$9.99 USD for anywhere in the world. Why not donate another pair for that bargain price?

What happens after I give you my money?

We’ll ship the motherfucking balls to the address you provided. What kinda stupid question is that?

Will the recipient know who sent the balls?

Not unless you get shit-faced and open your mouth. All balls donations are anonymous.

Can I donate balls to companies?

Hell yeah. Most companies can’t even spell the word balls.

My boyfriend won't introduce me to his parents. What should I do?

We’re happy to help: your boyfriend needs a pair of balls urgently.

I can't think of anyone who needs some balls.

Fuck off. This section is for questions, not statements. Next please!

As a moralist I know: donating balls anonymously doesn’t take balls.

Are you related to the previous speaker? Go join the Jehovah’s Witnesses, they too are known for their wild excessive parties.

Can you please take me seriously and give an answer?

Why are you still here?! Bloody hell, donate the balls to yourself, we’ll send you supersized ones.

I'm very brave and wish to hand the balls over myself. What next?

Use your address as recipient address. The congratulatory letter is non-personal, hence you can hand over balls and letter like a Greek mythological hero. We’re moved to tears.

How can I help making the world a better place with balls in my everyday life?

First, donate balls to people who can’t grow ’em. Then share this website, tell your friends about it and follow us on Facebook.

How much does it cost again?

For fuck’s sake, aren’t you paying attention? Worldwide only $9.99 USD.

Empfänger Adresse / Recipient Address


Firmenname / Company Name (optional)

Strasse / Street

PLZ, Ort / ZIP, City

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Eierspenden sind anonym. Der Absender ist DonateBalls.com. Und wir speichern keine IP-Adressen und keine persönlichen Daten, wir sind nicht der Scheiss Geheimdienst.

Balls donations are anonymous. The sender is DonateBalls.com. And we will we not store your IP or any other personal Information, we're not the fucking secret service.